Website Development

Our highly trained specialists recommend the following 4 goals for your business website design & development:

  • Optimum lead conversion technology
  • Satisfying user experience
  • SEO friendly web design and coding
  • Proper branding of yourself, your products or your business operation.

Lead Conversion:
What is the purpose of your website? Its primary purpose is to convert visitors to paying customers by getting them to call you, requesting a contact via an online form or other opt-in offer, or come right to your door. All of our business website design and development projects follow this guideline in order to get new customers for your business.

Satisfying User Experience:
Who is your ideal customer? What words or phrases do they use to search for businesses like yours? When they use these words or phrases and click on the links they see listed on the Google results page, what do they find on the page when they get there? Is the specific or related information they were searching for (as indicated by the keywords they used) and easily found on the page they linked to? If not, you need to upgrade and update your website to make sure the user experience delivers what your ideal customers want and need in as few clicks as possible in order to get new customers successfully.

SEO Friendly Business Specific Website Design and Development:
When we discussed the difference between specific business types, one of the keys to achieving high rankings in Google and the other search engines in order to get new customers, is having professional SEO work completed during your website development. The science behind SEO includes things such as keyword density, keyword analysis, page titles, internal link analysis, page descriptions, header tags, alt tags, site maps and more. In summary, you want to help the search engines to fully discover, index and rate your website as having high authority related to your desired ideal customer targets and the keyword phrases they use to search for specific businesses like yours.

Your website is an electronic embodiment and extension of your brand. Your primary brand can be you, your business, your products, your services and your employee’s. Your brand can be described by the words you want your customers to think of when they think of why and what it means to do business with you. Words like trustworthy, convenient, competent, friendly, and so on. Your website look and feel and user experience is an extension and embodiment of your brand and should be viewed and designed that way.

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