Video Marketing

Video Marketing

Video Marketing is the single most critical marketing activity you can utilize in order to improve your business or practice website rankings, get more visibility for your message and engage your prospective customers or patients which lead to more new customers or patients.


We offer 3 Video Marketing Packages to Choose From:

Package One: 1 Video with 3 Search Terms to Rank for $197.00

Package Two: 2 Videos with 6 Search Terms to Rank for $297.00 or $148.50 per video

Package Three: 4 Videos with 9 Search Terms to Rank for $397.00 or $99.25 per video

Package #3 is the Best Value. Save $391.00 versus single video purchase,
which a savings of $97.75 per video, or over 50% Off

Video Marketing Packages

Example of a Review Marketing Video That Helps To Gain Trust From Customers