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Today Social Media is to marketing what television was in the 60’s. Only a lot more powerful.

The contents of the video quite simply will shock you! You’ll discover in this video how to rapidly maximize your social media marketing return on investment, three top social media marketing blunders of all time and how you can avoid them, how you can extend you business’s reach and marketing dollars, and understand what social media marketing is really all about. Fill out the form on the right to gain access.

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First of all, why social marketing? Based on research conducted by Network Solutions and the Center for Excellent Service at the University of Maryland’s Robert H. Smith School of Business, which is from their “The State of Small Business Report”. According to a survey they did, most U.S. small businesses have a company page on a social networking site like Facebook or LinkedIn, 75 percent in fact. 69 percent post status updates and/or articles of interest on sites like LinkedIn or Facebook.

The question is “Is your business on Facebook right now? and/or are you on LinkedIn right now? If not, we can help you set up both, Facebook marketing and a LinkedIn marketing campaigns with a very strategic and targeted goals in mind.

Interestingly, social media usage has increased to 24 percent from just 12 percent only one year before, that’s a 100% increase. At this rate social media usage could be in the 80%-90% range in a short few years.

If your business isn’t here, your competition probably already is and they are taking your customers and your business will suffer.

This is why it’s important for you to go on the offensive and get here before they do, or if they are already here, you need to be engaging your customers so they don’t “woo” them over to their business.

Right now, it’s still not too late. So take action now and get yourself a facebook fan page and start interacting and engaging with your customers and “woo” potential customers to your business.

Social media in fact has overcome the much controversial porn industry as the number one activity on the web.

This is shocking! This is not only great news for you and your business but it is an Amazing opportunity in this “new marketing and advertising age” to help businesses like yours get your message out.

Bottom line though, let’s talk about profits for your business. It helps you convert prospects to customers, because the more customers you have the more sales you have.

So why social marketing? Well, social marketing, first of all, creates a dialogue and engages your target audience. It really is the new way to do marketing today. Old school ways simply do not work as well and therefore seriously need to be analyzed to see how they should fit into your businesses marketing mix.

It increases your internet presence, it expands brand and business awareness, creates a unique selling proposition, generates publicity for your business, both good and bad, and provides search engine optimization benefits, which really means helping you get onto the first page of Google. It helps retain customers and attracts new ones, and it can help you convert prospects to customers. So it makes you more money! Is that direct enough for you?

What is social media marketing? Social media marketing uses new media rich online tools and content to engage and foster feedback and buzz from existing and new customers. It builds know, like, trust, the KLT factor for your business, for the business you’re doing with your customers and your prospects, and generates online communities.

Let’s face it, people do “repeat” business with people and their businesses they first Know, then Like and overtime as this symbiotic relationship unfolds Learns to “Trust” and therefore becomes a “Lifetime Customer”.

There’s a lot of buzz that’s going on right now online about your business that you may not even be aware of right now. Wouldn’t it be great if you could help control that conversation? It provides exposure, opportunity and sales, and it highlights your unique selling points. So, bottom line, it carves out profitable? opportunities for you, it allows you to do that and brings you enduring sales and profits.

Now, what are these new media rich online tools?

Right now there’s a plethora of tools that can really get confusing out there. So confusing in fact that I want to highlight three top social media marketing blunders of all time and how you can avoid them.

Even the big companies that have multi-millions of dollars for their marketing initiatives are doing this, think about the social marketing blunders that you might not be aware of, and if you are aware, we want to help you avoid them.

First of all, let’s look at what Oprah and Kentucky Fried Chicken and what their massive blunder was.

They issued Kentucky Fried Chicken coupons on the website.

Now, as you can see on the graphic chart in the video, on the left hand side there, the website traffic service estimates that gets on average almost 6,000,000 visits each month. On the right hand side of that chart the blue graph going really high up you’ll see that there’s a huge massive spike in traffic. That spike coincided with that coupon being offered. The problem, and oh the pain, was that thesocial media sphere went wild because so many people printed out the coupon and brought into Kentucky Fried Chicken they could not service all the coupons.

So, what happened is that when individuals then went to the website to get the coupon here’s the message they got, you see in the middle of this slide here Our partner Coupons Inc. is experiencing an exceptionally high volume of traffic to the site right now. Please check back soon to get your coupon. Sorry for any inconvenience.

That created such bad vibes out there that bloggers, tweeters, Facebookers were casting out only bad publicity for Kentucky Fried Chicken. What a shame when a promotion could be one of the most effective ways to bring in new sales, fast sales into your business within days.

So, how could you avoid a blunder like this that even Oprah and Kentucky Fried Chicken made? Well, first of all, expect the volume. When you have a social media campaign strategy and communication protocol in place you’ll automatically have a plan to take care of the increased sales and customers that you’re going to have.

Second, the strategy and plan in place would have prevented the first mistake that’s so obvious, as in not allowing an unlimited amount of coupons to be printed in a certain given period of time. That can be automatically handled.

Additionally, the social marketing plan in place would allow you to monitor the conversations being said about your brand or service and then allow you to implement a community outreach program.

The second social media marketing blunder involved Motrin, who also has a massive millions of dollars of advertising budget to take care of and yet they made a really large blunder online.

They advertised via video on their site a new campaign targeting moms hoping that they would take more aspirin, more Motrin.

As you can see on the top right hand corner of the picture, it implied that wearing your baby seems to be fashionable. It went on to say how you’re going to get backache from it and once you have backache take a pill, take Motrin.

The problem was that this angered the most powerful force in social media, the moms. As you can see from the Twitter graphic tweets, that’s a 140 character tweet you’ll see there from each person and you can see that it caused a Twitter storm.

Look at what Five Minutes for Moms said live on time while this campaign was going on, she said, Wow! Motrin needs to hire some real moms and figure out what our pain actually is, because it sure isn’t baby wearing.

So, this mistake was so big that Motrin actually had to make a public apology online on their website.

In the video there’s a graphic image of that apology basically saying, With regard to the recent Motrin advertisement, we have heard you. On behalf of the McNeil Consumer Health Care and all of us who work on the Motrin brand, please accept our sincere apology.

Now, any company should not have to get to this stage of making an apology. Wouldn’t it be great to be talking to your customers and your prospects before you even launch a campaign so you know what the desires and the demands are? Motrin could have avoided this.

Think about this for your own business. “The voice of the crowd”, there’s absolutely no pain reliever out there than can cure without a social media strategy and plan in place. With that you’re building a community around your business and you’re listening. Not just listen, you’re listening and participating into the conversations with your customers and your prospects.

Building a community around Motrin’s business as a cure here could create a dialogue and engage their target audience. Motrin can get to know their customer better by having Twitter two way conversations, building an interactive blog, a forum for moms, rather than a one way static website. They could build in a social marketing campaign or contest to encourage community interaction.

The right hand graphic there shows just for instance that they could have a life cycle of communication with their customer going on between Twitter, Facebook, having a contest, having videos on YouTube.

By doing that the customers they interact with will generate community content about their brand and about their business. Bottom line, that puts profit in their business.

The three top social marketing blunders of all time and how you can avoid them, I’d love to tell you about the third top social marketing blunder and I sure hope you’re interested, but here’s the thing. It’s so shocking that we can’t share this with you publically on the website right now.

In order for us to share with you one on one what the third blunder is you need to phone us. We’d like to tell you this over the phone or in person. Fill out our contact form to the right to set up a time we can talk or get together to go over the third blunder. You will not be disappointed, it’s that shocking. I can’t share this with you here on the public part of the website or in this particular video presentation.

Here’s the other thing. A lot of times when people approach social media they think it’s like a checklist.

Got a Twitter account set up – Check!, got Facebook – Check!, I’ve got a Facebook account set up – Check!, got YouTube – Check!, I’ve got a YouTube channel set up for my business – Check!, got LinkedIn – Check!, I set up a LinkedIn – Check!.

Thing is, just filling out that checklist and doing that isn’t going to get you the return on investment that you desire.

To get return on investment on your social media marketing efforts you quite simply must have a blueprint. You have to start with a vision and you have to make a blueprint of that vision, then you have to plan, then you have to execute, including follow-up, and then step five you have to improve. It’s a continuous lifecycle of improvement.

Our fast track for social marketing methodology, our proven methodology addresses that. It addresses all of these five phases so much in depth. In fact, in the slide you see here right now in the video shows you the hundreds of thousands of dollars we have put into this methodology with proven results with our clients, because we are applying a step by step proven system in phased building blocks.

You can see here that first we’ll develop your strategic marketing vision, we’ll develop the strategic blueprint, then we’ll plan it, then we’ll execute the social marketing plan for your business with you.

That incorporates the building block of the Fast Track for Social Marketing Instant Success System, it incorporates the Fast Track for Social Marketing Content Outreach, and incorporates the optimization of Fast Track for Social Marketing Assets, meaning when you apply social marketing campaigns online you’re building virtual assets for your business that in fact allows your business to have a higher valuation.

The best example of that is Zappos. They sold out for 900,000,000 dollars to Amazon. Part of the increase in valuation for that Zappos onlines shoe store was because they had used social marketing so effectively, they had created the assets online. That is one of the best ways to use the marketing channel of the internet today.

When executed properly it quite simply increases your return on investment. It tracks the return on investment on your marketing expenses, it fine tunes your campaigns, high cost efficiency, and allowing you to achieve optimal results.

By implementing this methodology it allows you to retain your existing customers by engaging them, it allows you to attract new customers by capturing their attention, it allows you to build a trusting and lasting relationship with your customers and provides you instant customer feedback to improve your services and your sales.

It’s truly a social marketing methodology that fits your business. As you can see from the triangle in the video it’s not only tactical, taking tactical measurements with building blocks in the methodology, it’s also strategic, because you need both to be successful in today’s business world.

You can see some of the building blocks is that we take the marketing mix redesign, visioning and targeting, change imperatives, social marketing’s best practices are built into this methodology. Blueprinter, our trademarked blueprint analysis tool that we do with you, not for you, but with you. A social marketing activity hierarchy that is achieved by using the Fast Track for Social Marketing Methodology.

To just show you a sneak peek of some of the level of detail that our methodology takes care of to ensure your return on investment on a social marketing campaign. We also use the building block of the Fast Track for Social Marketing Executioner deploying the six sigma tool set. We define, measure, analyze, prove, and control the entire social marketing campaign.

As proof, in many customers and clients that we have applied this Fast Track for Social Marketing Methodology to, it has allowed them to reduce their marketing budget by as much as 50 percent. No more spending thousands of dollars or even millions of dollars on old school TV advertising, yellow pages ads, and some other marketing channels that you’ve been using that may have worked for you in the past and just for some reason are not working as well today.

That’s because it’s not leveraging the most powerful internet marketing channel today, which is the internet. So, it’s by focusing and shifting from traditional marketing to social media marketing while at the same time increasing sales for your business.

Just one client, in fact, using the Fast Track for Social Marketing Methodology is as little as eight days of an integrated social marketing campaign that we did for them they had an increase of over 2,000 fans or prospects. Can you imagine getting 2,000 new potential customers to your business in just eight days starting from scratch, starting from nothing online? That’s the power of the Fast Track for Social Marketing Methodology.

We’d like to extend you a special invitation, it’s really a win-win for you.

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Just think about it. Jeff Bezos, who is chairman of said, A brand is what people say about you when you’re not in the room.

That’s exactly what’s happening online on the internet right now. In social media marketing right now your prospects, your customers are talking about you.

The question is are you in the center of that? Are you influencing the conversation? Are you interacting with your customers right now?

Right now it’s a proven statistic here on this chart you see, social media sites now are more important than even company websites. Even if you have a company website right now as you can see on the chart 70 percent of people, of individuals in this survey, said that they would first go to a social media site before a corporate site or before even online news or review site to find out whether they want to buy your product or service.

I encourage you right now to take advantage of this special invitation. Please fill out the form to the right so we can get started right away and you will also be able to read all of the great information that you can see is not available to the general public.

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