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Our Business Specific SEO & SEM solutions are world-class and designed to get you more new customers and patients as soon as possible. In analyzing just 239 new clients helped by our parent company over the prior 6 months, we achieved page 1 Google rankings for over 11,000 keywords for them in that short time-period!

Once we’ve analyzed your specific business, your ideal customers and your competition, we’ll help you select the right Business Specific SEO & SEM program to be part of your business’ custom SEO & SEM and Internet Marketing package to get new customers. And, if it makes sense, we’ll add in custom mobile, social and reputation marketing solutions as well. Go here for an explanation of the difference betweenSEO vs SEM.

To get an idea of the differences in our various Business Types of SEO & SEM programs, please review the chart below. These SEM packages will be priced as part of your business’ custom SEO and SEM Internet Marketing Solution.

Best Business SEO Company | get new customers | SEM solutions

Note that our National SEM program is also often used by our business clients in highly competitive local markets as well to overtake and then dominate the local market to get new customers.

The bottom line is this, Success with highly targeted and highly specialized SEO and SEM is always a factor of competition, time and money, the more you spend the faster you reach your goals and the harder you make it for your competition to regain the top rankings.

Now review the chart below for a more detailed explanation of the various types of links executed in our different highly specialized business SEO and SEM links packages.

Best Medical SEO Company | get new patients | SEO - SEM back links solutions

And the remainder of the highly specialized business SEO & SEM back links services are described in the chart below:

Best Business and Medical SEO Company | Get New Customers and Patients | SEO - SEM back links solutions and expectations

In addition to the highly specialized business SEO & SEM programs described above, we also offer packaged (or standalone ONLY if we think it makes sense) Internet Marketing solutions such as:

  • Strategic, 24/7/365 Days A Year, Automated Follow-up Email Marketing System
  • Email Copy Writing
  • Advertising Copy Writing
  • Advertising Marketing ROI Measurement
  • Video Marketing
  • Mobile Engagement Marketing
  • Social Media Account Ranking and Engagment
  • Enhanced Market Visibility Through Coordinated Directory or Citation Submissions
  • Press Release Marketing
  • Article Marketing
  • Online Public Relations Management
  • Highly Effective On-premise Customer Experience Interactions
  • Staff Training and Retraining

We can even produce professional video’s for you in our studios, or at your business location.

If you’d like to find out more about Allied Business Connections world-class, Highly Specialized Solutions for your Medical or Dental Practice, Clinic, Office, or for your Business no matter what kind of business you own and operate, or services you provide. Contact us┬átoday,┬áto arrange a free consultation on how to get more new customers or patients.

To inquire more specifically about our SEO and SEM packages and programs contact us to arrange a free consultation on how to get more new customers or patients by using effective SEO-SEM strategies and tactics.