Restaurant Mobile Marketing

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Are you losing potential customers because you can not figure out how to incorporate the Powerful Web marketing tools and strategies into your Conventional marketing mix?

You are not alone.

Many business owners are in the same boat. However, various web marketing tools utilized together in a structured and well planned out strategies, incorporated with your various traditional marketing initiatives, is the wave of the future when it comes to marketing your business, especially while incorporating mobile marketing initiatives into the marketing mix.

It’s not going to change any time soon. If anything changes, it will be that there will be, more and more marketing vehicles available to reach your target customer.

A restaurant owner must do everything in their power to keep up with their competitors, or better yet, stay ahead of them.

Search engine visibility is one of the most crucial marketing methods you can use.

As you know, most people go straight to the Internet search engines when looking for some place to eat when they get hungry or when hungry for your type of restaurant offerings. Now think about “how” you observe them “searching”….


If your restaurant does not have a strong search engine presence, you could be missing out on quite a bit of business unnecessarily.

Establishing and maintaining a strong search engine presence is not rocket science and should not be ignored by any restaurant looking to connect with their customers or possible new first time patrons.

Search engine visibility includes Search Engine Optimization, Google Places Business Listings, and any other web content that could potentially come up in the search engine results and making sure that your restaurant is positioned to capitalize on getting the maximum possible exposure from all sorts of web enabled devices, from the pc, laptop, tablet, iPad, iPhone, Blackberry, Androids and other mobile smart phones, resulting in achieving the best possible results of getting customers into your restaurant on a more frequent basis.

Restaurant owners need help to set-up these Web Based Marketing campaigns that are specifically designed to bring your restaurant more customers and more revenue and incorporate them into the current marketing plans.

If you are a restaurant owner, a restaurant general manager or restaurant marketing manager in the Bolingbrook, Naperville, Aurora, Plainfield, Joliet, Crest Hill, Romeoville, Woodridge, Downers Grove, Chicago or Chicagoland area, please contact me for a free consultation by filling out the form on the right, or at the bottom if you are viewing this page on your smartphone, and I’ll get back to you, so that we can work together and determine how we can partner to help boost your bottom line.

I will only be working with one restaurant in a given 5 mile radius as a normal practice, unless contracted otherwise. I have been careful to make sure the area’s don’t overlap.

I’m working with less than 10 new clients per month. It is possible that I am already working with a restaurant in your current 5 mile radius area and if that is so, I will be in touch to let you know and go over what options are available to partner. While there are some situations where we could have an exclusive agreement with a particular restaurant that may extend beyond the normal 3 mile radius or have an agreement in place that provides services exclusively for services not being provided for any other restaurant within the agreed to defined area, we may be able to offer other non-contracted services to help other restaurants build, grow and develop their restaurants without compromising the integrity of the contracted agreements in place.

Thank you again for taking the time to consider this. I’m personally looking forward to hearing from you and possibly working with you in the very near future.