How to find a Marketing Director


Once you have done your research and homework and you’re sick and tired of your competition getting all of the people looking for your types of products and services. This is the point where you can take all the information about your basic plans and ideas about marketing, and all of the pertinent information about your company, and hand it over to your actual marketing consultant. Now the real trick is just finding one. Just like when you’re looking to hire anybody else for your business, you need to start by doing some digging, and then scrutinizing every potential candidate.

Go check out other local businesses that have marketing ideas and that are actually implementing them that you like and think are effective. If you look at “non-competitive” types of businesses you could actually ask the owner what is working best for them and please be very respectful of their time. You will find that most other business owners are willing help out other “non-competitive” business owners.

Think of the networking or joint venturing possibilities. However, you don’t need to actaully go in and directly ask the owner who handles their marketing, but you can look for small signs, such as a marketing company’s logo or name inside certain pieces of brochures, pamphlets, or other marketing materials, check out their website too. If you know any of the other businesses in this area and feel comfortable asking, you can ask them outright who does their marketing and advertising, or if they hired a consultant, and start your references that way.

Another easy way to get some kind of idea who offers marketing services in our area is going on Google, Bing or Yahoo and doing a search for – ‘(your city) marketing consultants’ This is going to yield you a sizable listing of results. – Most marketing consultants today know that the Internet is the best budget-friendly way to reach a large group of people in a short amount of time.

By narrowing it down even further by adding your location, you’ll still get hundreds of names and they will be “local” and therefore you kind of know “where they live”, if you know what I mean. This is a great way to look for a marketing consultant for your business too, because consultants often use their own website to show off their marketing and web design skills, so you can really get a feel for what their marketing vision is and how they could work for your business.

Perhaps you live in a more rural area and are finding it challenging in finding a good-sized list of names of marketing consultants, you can always check your local Yellow Pages. I know what you’re thinking, “the yellow pages? Nobody uses them anymore and I use mine to prop up my monitor.” Well pull it out from under your monitor and see what you find, it won’t hurt, I promise. Just look under Marketing Design Firms or other related category and there too, you should also get a list of names. And, they’ll all automatically narrowed down into consultants that work in your area.

After you have your list of potential marketing consultants that you think will “work” for you and your business, and not just take your money and then make exuses as to why things aren’t working as stated. You then need to start calling around and setting up interview times with them, or make sure you at least begin the interview process over the phone. This will most likely depend on how much time each marketing consultant will have at the time you call.

Just in case, have a list of questions ready that you can ask. These questions will provide more insight than any website ever will. When it comes time to make the decision of which marketing consultant you will hire, make sure they have been communicating they will perform the mutually agreed to services to your reasonable expectations or they have spelled out typical results for similar projects and they have some sort of guarantee. This will help to show that they are committed, are worth the cost, will perform as expected and will benefit your company.

Everything You Absolutely Must Know Before Hiring A Marketing Consultant

Everything You Absolutely Must Know Before Hiring A Marketing Consult

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