Local Business SEO


Since you’re trying to get more new customers, you need to understand that if your customers are primarily local and search for services like yours online or on the mobile web, then Google will likely display Google Plus Local, (see Google Search Explained), results as part of their organic or the search results you see with out the advertising disclaimers.
In these situations, appearing at the top of the Google Plus Local results page, just below the paid for, top or best positioned ad’s, give businesses like yours a 2nd chance to appear on the first page of Google (see Google Page 1 Value) and get more new customers.

For local businesses where local searches by customers?generate Google Plus Local results (Bing and Yahoo offer comparable results and ranking opportunities), Allied Business Connections offers custom Local “business type” Search SEO and SEM solutions as well.

First our specialists professionally optimize your existing or new Google Plus Local page, creating it from scratch if needed. This includes inputting your specific type of businesses specific information which is SEO optimized information, for your specific type of business and other unique specific traits to your business.

This will give your business an advantage over your competition; ensuring all of your key information is accurate and will be consistent across all trusted directories and citation/review/directory sources where new customers may look for you; fully completing the photo and video sections; and then execute a few ninja specialized SEO tactics that have worked well for our clients.

We also implement special business specific type SEO techniques inside your Google Plus Local page to help you get highly ranked for Google Plus Local results. Then we build links to your Google Plus Local page, plus add new legitimate and real citation sources month after month to help you win the competition for Google Plus Local Page rankings and ultimately the Google Everything rankings as well.

However, all of this effort must be correlated with a strong and competitive monthly highly targeted, specific business type specialized SEO and SEM campaign for your website as well.

Don’t delay. Contact Allied Business Connections today!! contact us to schedule a free consultation about how to get started securing your visibility in Google Plus Local search results with local specific business type of SEO in order to get more new patients and customers.