Email Marketing

Lead Capture & Collection



These are the keys to email marketing.

Done correctly it will allow you and your business to attract and keep your customers coming back!

Done Wrong…it can cripple your business and bring it to its knees!!! You don’t really want to annoy any new, and more importantly your current customers, do you? It could cost you their business.

Email is one of the most cost effective ways to connect with people looking for what you can offer them and is just simply one of the most effective promotional tools around, returning about $40 on every $1 you spend*. Combine that with social marketing where 4 out of 5 Internet users visit social networks or blogs, and the returns look even better.

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* Focus Research Study Marketers’ Benchmarks 2011, A Survey of Marketers’ Priorities & Challenges, Focus, Inc., May 2011.