Customer Acquisition & Lead Generation


Customer acquisition, Client acquisition, Patient acquisition or “Lead Generation” all mean the same thing to your business, clinic, agency or practice…and that is…More New Customers, Patients or Clients, “Means More Business and Revenues!”, which… if you are doing things right means “More Profit!” and “Money In The Bank!”.

How can you do it best most often? or give the best marketing efforts your business deserves, if you are focused on providing the best possible services to your customers, clients or patients?

Ask yourself, would you ask your family doctor to fill a cavity? or your family dentist to give you your yearly physical check up? of course you wouldn’t. No more than you would ask your trusted auto mechanic shop to install your central air or replace your furnace or your trusted HVAC company to fix your car. While some of these talented people could probably do both, they are not “specialized” to do so and therefore could not provide you with the best possible results, which in some cases could medically kill you or technically kill your car!

Think about this, when it comes to marketing your business, are you specialized to get your business message out to the community or communities you serve in the most efficient, cost effective way which generates the highest possible “ROMI” or Return On Marketing Investment?

You’re already doing a decent job or you wouldn’t be in business and I commend you, kudos. I’m sure you can change a tire too and don’t have plans on working at your local tire sales shop. You have probably painted a room in your house, but don’t have plans of getting into the home painting business.

Why then do the marketing for your business, when you should be focusing on delivering the best to your customers everytime they spend money with you. People remember the “personal” interactions they have with their professional services and medical services providers, and the “high quality” job they performed and keep spending money with those professionals. They show their vote of confidence everytime they open their wallet and pay you for those services rendered.

Why would you want to detract or take a way from that by being distracted with the marketing of your business? It’s like trying to take all the calls that come into your business because you think you’re the only one that can do that job instead of hiring a receptionist or a call center to take inbound calls and set appointments. Of coure you don’t do that either, you hire someone who is trained to take those calls. Are you begining to understand where I’m going with this?

Most businesses handle their own marketing, and I mean the owner does it or closely oversee’s it with hands on interaction. The most common reason I’ve found, and that was by asking many business owners, they said it is because they “don’t think they can afford the marketing services of a professional marketing company”. They think that in order to have the same results the fortune 500 or even 1000 companies have, they have to hire a “team” of marketers that charge tens of thousands of dollars per month. We know that this is not feasible for many businesses.

That’s why we have partnered with highly trained marketers with specialties in all aspects of marketing, advertising and sales, they are located all over the United States. We work with a diverse number of businesses all over the world. Because of a concept called “cost averaging” we are able to bring your business the highest possible attention and service that rivals, and most times beats, the large conglomerate company’s marketing efforts. Similar to how mobile phone company’s can provide smartphone serices to individuals for $65 per month for unlimited access and usage. The more people using the service the less it costs each individual user to use.

With our combined knowledge, experience and expertise, we can figure out what your business strengths are and analyze your competition for their weaknesses and develop a comprehsive marketing plan to position and strengthen your businesses market perception in the best possible light for your business that will “attract” more people to it, also called.. “lead generation or customer acquisition”, and take them away from your competitors.

We have the best tools and resources to “attract” new customers, clients or patients with the abiltiy to track results or return on marketing dollars invested. We also have the best tools to “retain” your current customers, keep them coming back to you! and track results or return on marketing dollars invested.

Every marketing plan is not perfect and there will be set-backs, I’m being honest and straight forward with you and you know this because you own a business, however, we have the ability to react and act quickly to any challenges that may arise and change our marketing course toward a more successful heading, leading to a more profitable outcome.

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