About – Your Business Marketing Department!

Allied Business Connections employs the methodologies that you would use for yourself if your business had the expertise, budget, resources and more importantly “The Time”, to undertake such marketing efforts.

For the on line marketing component, this means we optimize your actual web site, or in a worse case scenario, we will create a new one built optimized from the ground up and it’s yours to keep*… – we do not use “the ploy” of a site that is external to your site whose benefits dissipate the moment our contract ends.

After we’ve optimized your site and conducted a complete search engine positioning campaign, your results and traffic can last for an extended period of time. However, we do employ **”external” marketing sites, third party software and services in our campaigns that are tied to the specific marketing campaigns and will remain in effect as long as their is a business partnership agreement between our two companies and will be deactivated upon cancellation of the campaign agreement by you/your business or mutually agreed to by both of our companies.

*In some cases the current or original website may require extensive “re-work” in order to get it seen favorably by the search engines and these “re-works” always take several months to over a year to be properly ranked. In these extreme cases it is much wiser a strategy to “rebuild” from the ground up, if you will, a “new and improved” search engine friendly site.

**Because of the proprietary methods, techniques, strategies and technology Allied Business Connections utilizes and employs in these external sites and the software utilized to ensure the best possible outcome for any marketing campaign, Allied Business Connections reserves the right to retain ownership of all external marketing sites, software and/or resources and they will remain the property of Allied Business Connections.

Upon cancellation of any marketing campaign agreement or business agreement or partnership between Allied Bussiness Connections and their client businesses, all of the client business references, logo’s and information will be removed along with client business specific tracking metrics. Customer list(s) will be provided upon request.

We aim to provide the best possible service and results. We strive to keep all of our customers for the long term, like I’m sure you hope to accomplish with your customers. That’s why we hope we don’t have to close any marketing vechicles, tools, systems or processes.

But stuff happens and the best formed partnerships do part ways for various reasons and that is why we have to explain the following upfront so there are no surprises. I know as a professional business owner you understand these fair and necessary terms.