About Us

About Allied Business Connections

Thank you for wanting to know more about Allied Business Connections.

While located in the Chicagoland area in Illinois, we serve the businesses of the greater Midwest.

We strive to connect the pieces of your business, unlocking maximum revenue, profit, growth and returns. This will lead to a stronger business and improved quality of life for their owners and employee’s.

Our mission is to provide the most professional and highest quality, “Total Business Marketing” strategies, solutions, tactics, services, and customer service, while focusing on maximum return on business marketing investment to our local business customers.

Why do we focus on marketing in the communities in the Chicagoland area and Midwest? Because we live here and we want to help our communities by giving back. This is more effective when done locally and not remotely.

We strive to help our communities local businesses be more successful by helping them attract, service and retain more people as long term customers.

We believe and follow strictly the “Know, Like and Trust” philosophy and what that means is if your community knows, likes and trusts you and your business, they will reward your business for a long time to come. People love to spend their money with people and businesses they love!